Sunday’s 1:30PM – 2:30PM 

Instructor: Trude Stjernen

Fundamentals of strength is a class focusing on strength training for the entire body. The class is for everyone, but in particular people who want to get started with strength training. The focus is on building strength, improving your technique, and feeling confident when lifting.

In this class we will target large muscle groups and get comfortable with exercises like squats and deadlifts. We will be using dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells.


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About The Instructor

Trude Stjernen
Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Specialist

Trude Stjernen is a physiotherapist from Norway. She graduated from Oslo Metropolitan University in 2008, and since then worked in multidisciplinary clinics first in Norway and then in Dubai after moving there in 2014. Her main knowledge and experience is within musculoskeletal issues, with a wide variety of cases, anything from acute injuries to more long term pains.

Trude strongly believes in movement as medicine and this is an important factor in her treatments alongside manual work. She is also passionate about helping people suffering from long term pain gaining back confidence in their bodies and returning to movements and activities they have been avoiding due to pain. She believes in adjusting or changing up training or activities rather than stopping movement.

Trude has a personal interest in training and staying active, and she also has done courses to enhance her knowledge when it comes to exercises and training. She completed a course in strength training/coaching and also uses her own experience with training when dealing with different clients.